How to Find a Good Tailor?

Find a tailor for your bespoke suit

Man is born bachelor and naked. Hence, he needs a spouse and a tailor since birth.

Finding a good tailor is like finding an ideal life partner. No, it is not an exaggeration, for you have to call forth all your conviction, intuition, and in the end, rely heavily upon the divine providence while choosing either of them. The difference, however, is of the range of options to try another one. In the case of life partner, sometimes it is too late and a lot of damage has already been done. And of course, the frequency is an issue too. You cannot keep on trying different life partners the whole life, of course. Simply, because they won’t let you. The case with modern tailors is different. You can try as many as you like. It also implies that trying a tailor is far better than trying a spouse. (Wonder how the meanings change with change of the gender of the reader) These differences happen in the aftermath of the decision already made. The actual process of finding a suitable one is almost same, whether you’re looking for a life partner or a tailor.

The first and foremost impetus to drive you in search for either of them is ‘need’. You need one and you start searching. The throbbing desire for having one is irresistible in both cases. The complex of either of them may drive you crazy. You may have an unconscious habit of thinking about them during sleeps, works and daily errands.

You cannot just afford to fall in love at first sight. Even if you do, you just can’t go for the final ‘kill’. No you can’t do that sir. You can’t do that ma’am. And you know what I’m saying. You have to meet them again, and see how you complement each other? How the person in question behaves in certain situations? The frequency of meetings at different times and in different seasons may prompt you choose. The most important and vital similarity is perhaps spying. Spying in the sense that you are curious to watch them work or behave without letting them know that you’re watching them. You remain a keen observer while being unnoticed.

And finally, the moment comes when you reach out and declare you need him/her. You lose words, you mumble and fumble and choke while speaking and still stupid because you feel that you can not somehow convey how important he or she is for you. And you cannot convey what an immense sense of satisfaction and relief it would to have associated with him, if he or she turns out to be actually what you guess he or she is.

The response is also the same—cold professional smile with an air of aloofness. No refusal (the intended spouses may sometimes do but they also look keen to have an association or an affair, never mind.

ohh! Sorry I had to come back because I forgot a point here. What if you find two in one, i mean tailor cum spouse. Think about it.

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