Bespoke Suits in Paris: Top 5 Addresses For Your Custom Suit With The French Touch

bespoke suit in paris

So you happen to live in Paris and want a bespoke suit? Or maybe you just spend some time there and want to get a unique piece with the french touch? We had a look at the options for custom tailored suits in Paris and as expected, we found really great addresses. Who would be surprised, after all Paris is still the fashion capital of the world, isn’t it?

What’s the Budget for a Bespoke Suit in Paris?

As always when it comes to bespoke suits, the price tag is something important to take into account. It’s probably not a surprise to you that Paris can’t compete on the price. Low income places like Asia are by far cheaper. That being said, we don’t recommend Paris if your look for a cheap custom tailored suit. For the money you need to spend there, you could probably buy a ticket to Bangkok and get a cheap bespoke suit there.

After talking with a couple of tailors, here some prices to give you an idea about what to expect in Paris:

  • Custom Shirt made in France: between $100,- and $200,- USD
  • Bespoke Suit 2-Pieces: Starting from $900,- USD
  • Bespoke Suit 3-Pieces: At least $1200,- USD
  • Custom Shoes made in France: $400,- USD or more

Please take these numbers only as a rough estimation. You might find cheaper than this, but most offers are probably north of that. After all, a bespoke suit is a luxury product, even in Paris where men tend to be dressed very well.

Best Bespoke Suit in Paris

We researched the terrain and came up with a couple of good places. We were able to test some of them ourselves, others where brought to us by recommendation. Next to the high prices, another inconvenience for tailored suits in Paris might be the language barrier … a lot of french people don’t speak any or not very good English. In this case, talk with your hands and feeds and let the professional french tailor create his masterpiece without you interrupting.

Here we go, the five best tailors for bespoke suits in Paris according to what we heard and saw:

We hope you’ll find your perfect suit tailor in Paris thanks to the addresses above. Please comment if have stories to share or if you know about other addresses!

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