Leather Messenger Bag With Suit … Is That Something You Can Pull Off?

leather messenger bag

Lets imagine you have the perfect tailored suit. It just fits, best quality textile, something you can be really proud of and you enjoy wearing it. Now imagine you need to take with you important documents or a laptop … Beware, what you really want to avoid is to ruin your great look with the wrong bag! So what are the options you ask? Let’s dig into this topic.

Which Bag To Carry With A Suit?

So what bags can one actually wear in combination with a suit? A sports bag, a backpack, a plastic shopping bag? Hell no! There are two valid answers: A leather briefcase or a high quality leather messenger bag. That’s it, those are the two things you can wear.

Things To Look Out For When Wearing A Messenger Bag With A Suit

The number one rule will probably be quality leather. It sounds obvious but you really don’t want you ruin your great outfit with a cheap looking bag. This means that messenger bags and suitcases made out of Nylon or Canvas are a no-go. So what you need is a good looking quality leather.

Next to that, the colour of your messenger bag needs to fit the rest of your outfit. It’s exactly the same topic as with shoes and belts. Ideally, the shoes match the belt and bag. But this is probably not that easy to do. What we recommend is for example a nice light brown. This fits grey, black and blue suits. If you go with a black leather bag you won’t be able to wear it with a blue suit. Have a look at our article on grey suits and brown shoes – it will give you an idea on what is possible when it comes to colour combinations.

The guys at StyleSampleMag published a nice review covering all kind of occasions a man can carry a messenger bag. Have a look at the section leather messenger bags for the office to get some inspiration.

Where To Buy Messenger Bags For Suits

I know, shopping for fashion on Amazon is really not fun normally. However, when it comes to bags they really give you a great choice. Next to that, Asos also has nice bags which look pretty trendy.

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