Grey Suit with Brown Shoes

How to wear brown shoes with a grey suit

Gone are the days when they said it’s ‘Man’s world’. Today’s World is full of colors __ especially kids’ and women’s world. But man’s world though relatively small and limited, has a peculiar state of being constant and unchanged. It is still grey as it used to be in the days of black and white movies and television shows of Lucy Series. Yes the changes too have taken place, but only in the shades of grey. The grey used to be of two or three types but now everyone knows there are more or less ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’. The only thing wrong with the title of record breaking movie is that along with the talk of fifty shades of grey no mention of brown is there. Grey suit with brown shoes is an obvious combination, but perhaps the producer and the entire team have replaced the brown shoes with the journalist heroine.

Man starts turning grey in early or mid 40s. One wonders why he doesn’t turn auburn, blonde, pink or any other lush and shocking shade of some eye catching hue. No, he turns grey. Grey suit and brown shoes is all what a man wants to be in. seasons come and go, decades elapse but this standard combination stays forever. Even today, in high official meetings, wedding ceremonies, in contrast to the rustling silk and creaking shoes of women man’s brown and grey presence adds solemnity and graveness to the gathering.

Only neckties change. Here they match with women and kids playing and squeaking around. Neckties as a proportionate to man’s proximity with his family members literally reflect men’s’ actual desire of relevance. Tied to the necks, the only matching with family, neckties have symbolic meanings too. They show man bound and tied. However the implication of being unique and prominent is also due to necktie. Whatever the necktie with whatever color, it all falls in the grey suit with brown shoes.

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