Grey Suit Combinations

Tailored Grey Suit Combination

Black and white are the two poles of colors which may have a means of any of the primary colors. They say primary colors are red, yellow and blue. Take any you like. The gradual concentration turns each black, and lightening turns it white. For example, red has thousands of hues like pink, lush, brick, maroon and black. Similarly, blue ranges from sky blue to royal, navy, sapphire, Prussian and black. You can take even secondary and tertiary colors to see that each of them when toned hard turns black but if softened appears white. In short black and white are the extreme ends of each color.

Black and white

The question is: do black and white exist even if no means of primary and secondary or tertiary color is employed? Yes, Black and White exist in their most gorgeous form of Grey between them. The grey has shades. Some say there are 50 shades of grey and others counted to 150. The Purest form of Black and White without any third agent is the shortest distance between two poles of earth and passes through the center of Earth. Let us analyze the equation of Black and White into grey from the perspective of psychology of colors.

Black color is an epitome of absolute authority. Milton called it “sage wisdom’s hue”. The shades of grey ranging from dark to light give the impression of the degree of dominance and friendliness, hence, an air of magnanimity is all you get while wearing grey. On other hand, White is the color of purity and spirituality. Bridal dresses and worship apparels of monotheistic religions are always white.

When combined in different proportions, Black and White colors make the shades of grey. Dark grey, standard grey and light grey all have a peculiar effect of its own. grey piecesToday grey is the most popular choice in bespoke suiting. Here are a few grey suit combinations for you to choose:

Grey with Light shirt and dark necktie

Whatever the shade of grey, the standard combination is light shirt with dark tie. Daytime or night functions, official meetings or social gatherings, this combination adds sobriety to the wearer’s look. The fiber of the grey, however, can be a matter of choice keeping in view the setting and context of use.

Dark grey and dark shirt with matching necktie

The appearance of a legendary character of dark night, but be careful, the combination may backfire as it may put you in extra limelight which demands more cautiousness and the following looks may keep you engaged spoiling all of your calmness and casualness. tumblr_mikkwwA6tR1qdx0w1o1_500 This combination with added golden cufflinks and silver band may give you a sense of great uniqueness and prominence which you’ve always dreamed of. But be choosy and careful as it may backfire.

Grey suit with primary lush neckties

Grey suit with light shirt and lush ties makes you look casually formal. The bright and lush neckties add warmth and passions to your apparently monotonous office and routine life.

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